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How to Properly Lock Up Your Home

How to Properly Lock Up Your Home

The premises security is very important not only for businesses but also in homes as well.  No one wants their valuable possessions stolen simply because they didn’t lock their house safely. Statistics reveal that approximately 5000 homes were broken into the previous year and the burglars simply walked through unlocked front doors.  When you fail to lock your door properly since you might be in a hurry, not only do you make the burglar’s job easy but, you also risk making your home insurance invalid; since there might be no signs of forced entry.  A1 Safe & Lock values the security of your home, that’s why we sell Residential Locksmith products and services that provide maximum premises security.

Securing different types of doors;

Front door with glass

The most common way of entering into homes is by breaking the glass on the front door so that they can unlock it. A special deadbolt or double cylinder deadbolt has a removable thumb turn, which helps in preventing this type of burglary. Our High-Security Locks ensure that despite your front door having glass on it, it doesn’t put your house at risk.

Front door without glass

Fact is, not all homes have front doors with glass sections. Also home security is paramount to all of them, so there’s a way to secure such homes. The high security locks we fix on such doors have at least one-inch bolts that provide security against drilling, picking, and forced entry.

Securing Windows

Sliding windows are the easiest way a burglar can get into your home. Such windows should be secured with locks that utilize a key, and you can get them at A1 Safe & Lock.  Our technicians are Certified ASSA High Security Locksmiths, who provide high quality lock installation and maintenance services.

Garage doors

The door between your garage and your home should be tightly locked since it’s vulnerable to errant radio signals. Your valuable possessions such as cars might be stolen from the garage during the break in. Our Baton Rouge Locksmith technicians know how to secure garage doors by using the right deadbolts and High Security Locks.

Utility doors

Most people don’t pay much attention to their basement or storage doors oblivious to the fact that; burglars can easily identify doors that are less secure to gain entry into their homes. The same way the front doors are secured, should also be the case when it comes to utility doors.

It’s wiser to have your home protected using High security locks from A1 Safe & Lock, rather than end up losing your valuable possessions to theft.


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